My Theatre Resume

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Alura Campbell

Height: 5’5       Hair: Dark Brown       Eyes: Blue        Dress: 0        Pant: 24/30        Shoes: 8


Arrest These Merry Gentleman        Mary/Traveler MVBC
Dude, You Hear What I Hear? Brooke MVBC
We Three Spies Ms. Harriet King(main) MVBC
Fairytale Mixup Snow White ACAA
Could You Love an Ogre Princess ACAA
Double Treble Singer ACAA
Advanced Chorus Singer BasisPhoenix


Belly Dancing Andrea Sheffield BasisPhoenix
Vocal Training Lucik Aprahämian            ACAA, BasisPhoenix
Vocal Training Amy Beck Sing Shalom
Vocal Training Jennifer McNeal ACAA
Hip Hop Paula Carr PCDA
Piano Amy Turisk MVBC
Intermediate Drama Kami Green PVHS
Hand to Hand Combat Kami Green PVHS
Quarter Staff Kami Green        PVHS
Sword/Rapier Kami Green PVHS
Improv Techniques Kami Green PVHS
Childrens Theatre Kami Green PVHS
Puppetry Kami Green PVHS

Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Diving, Reading, Hair/Makeup, Sowing, Calligraphy, Personal Confidence, Versatile, Piano,Focus, Leadership, Design, Cooking, Writing, Creative, Good Listener, Compassion, Child-Care, Self Introspection, Baking,  Fashion Design

The Ringing

The Ringing
I never thought I would be standing there. The police station smelled like Clorox Wipes, and I was about to be interrogated. My baby brother was asleep in my lap, and my daddy was being questioned. My stepmommy was not here...she had died in the previous month from an accidental overdose on pills. I was here because I knew how Grandma Jayne had died. I would tell them just how it happened.
A high and staged voice awakened me from my thoughts, “Sweetiepie! It’s time for you to answer just a few of our questions!,” she motioned for me to follow.
I hoisted my brother into a cradling position in my arms, and followed. We entered the room and the smell of burgers hit my nose; there were two men sitting down. They were setting up two different recording devices.
They noticed my presence and one of them said, “Hello, your father just left. What’s your name?” he said, then switched on one of the recorders.
I cleared my throat, “My name is Alura. I will be 8 years old in August.” The other man jotted my words down on a yellow notepad.
“Who is the boy?,” the man asked.
“He is my little brother, and his name is Rebel. He is two.” I answered. I sat down and rocked Rebel back to sleep.
“Do you know why you are here, honey?” he asked.
“Yes, yes I do. Grandma died, and you want to know what I know. Right?” I questioned.
“Right. So, please if you will, tell Tom and I how your Grandmother died.” he said quietly.
“Okay. So, I woke up because I heard loud voices. Then I heard crying, so I walked down the hall. Grandma was crying in the bathroom, and I heard a couple clicks. I peeked around the corner and saw my scared daddy shaking in the living room. Grandma got out of the bathroom and slammed the door. She started yelling at daddy. One loud a gun, and daddy screamed. Then I heard another one and Grandma made scary noises. After that bang I heard another one and the noise stopped. I ran back to Daddy's room. Daddy came into the room and dialed 911 and I heard him say ‘She tried to shoot me, she shot herself twice. I think she’s dead’ and from what I heard on the phone they told him to move the gun away from her, he came back and told them that he moved it. They told him that he actually shouldn’t have touched the gun and now his fingerprints were on it. Then your people came to our house. Daddy carried Rebel and I out of the house, crying, b-but G-Grandma was in blood on the floor.” I started crying.
They looked at me with uncomfortable stares, but didn’t try to comfort me. They asked me to repeat what I said. They switched on the other recorder and I repeated, this time crying hard. They tried to wake Rebel up but he started crying and saying “no” repeatedly, so they came to a conclusion that he didn’t know anything.
We stayed there a bit longer. The blonde police officer bought us McDonald’s. I don’t know what ended up happening. All I know is that Grandma died. I heard the shots. I did what I could not to cry.
Daddy got depressed, he made bad decisions. He robbed places and did drugs. So daddy went to prison and he wouldn’t be out ‘til I was 15. I went to go live with my biological mommy. I started a new life without my brother, who went to live with my Aunt.
Now here I am, 15 years old. I’m awaiting dad’s release. I need to start preparing for when he gets out of prison on April 11, 2014. More importantly, I have to get the ringing of the shots out of my head.

The After Days: A Vampire Story, Part 1

   It was just gruesome. Me, crouching before her, watching her suck poor Christopher's blood. She giggled and threw his body over the bridge. She waited to hear the splash, and stood up. She looked at me with her orange eyes and white teeth. Her fangs were tinted crimson. Her skinny face looked satisfied after her meal, and her blonde hair swayed in the wind.
   "Your turn, Becca!" Charity laughed.
   I groaned. I was scared. I only turned into a vampire two days ago, and I was disgusted. I had made due with human food for the time being, but I would have to face drinking someone's blood soon. 
   I was always known as "Becca the sweet one, who would never hurt anyone." Now I am "Becca, the one who has blood-lust and kills for pleasure."
   It's all so confusing. No one likes being confused. Not even claustrophobic extroverts or soulful gingers. Especially not this girl who wants to be human again.
   "Come on, Becca. I know that your first time can be scary, but trust me. You will love it once you do it. Lets go find our next victim!" She teased.
   I watched her lead the way. Her hair was almost down to her swaying butt, and she looked like so many of the models I had fawned over the past 16 years of my life.
   Being a vampire, it enhanced my features, mad me look more mature. So, being only 16, my vampire enhancements helped me get into 21 and over places.
   Such as ZTS bar. I walked in and pulled in a sharp breath. I saw my human boyfriend, who was oblivious to my vampireness, and he saw me. I gave Charity an oh my gosh look, and hurried over to him,
   "Babe! Whashoo doin' here? You are only a ba-by!" Issac slurred. 
   I saw a wet stain on his shirt and realized how much of a mess he was. I kissed him and walked back over to Charity.
   "I feel like I am going to throw up. Can I go to the bathroom before we pick my meal?" I joked.
   She dismissed me and I rushed to the bathroom. It already smelled like vomit, and there was lipstick all over the mirrors. 
   I surveyed myself in the mirror, bright pink hair and sea blue eyes. I looked like a model, skinny and beautiful. Issac is lucky to have me, I laughed to myself.
   I had to stop looking at myself as a monster, I had to face sucking someone's blood soon. My hands felt weak and my fangs ached. I made a face at myself in the mirror and decided that I was ready.
   I left the bathroom and found Charity. She signaled over to a big hunk standing behind Issac, I guess she had picked my meal.