Your Time Is Up

  There was only a matter of time. He made the deal, he knew it would come to this, and he could hear the rhythm of her boots outside his front door. Doug was sweating profusely, and his breathing was uneven. He shut his eyes, and began to pray. To who? Wasn't he the one who made that deal with the demon? He was praying to anything and anyone that could help him. Deep down, he knew his death was inevitable. He knew what he was getting into when he made that deal. Doug just didn't think the time would pass so fast.

I See Jewel in Your Eye

     "MJ this, MJ that," Jewel complained, "All Trever goes on about  is MJ."
     Dean, Jewel's best friend rolled his eyes, "Sweetie, Trever is your step brother. Why do you care if he is in love with his girlfriend?" he asked.
     Jewel looked at him with her hand on her hip and boldly said, "Because. My mother and Trever's father didn't seem to give a shit that I was in love with Trever before they decided to get married." and then she sat down.
     "Well what can you do about it, Jewel?" Dean asked.
     "Oh, I'll tell you what I'm going to do about it." she replied with a wicked grin.

Burn The Lady In White

My shrill scream echoed off the walls of my room. I was woken by the voices urging me to go into the kitchen. Well I know this isn't an urge to eat. Maybe she was down there again.

I threw some clothes on and started to go downstairs. I felt a cold breeze embrace my body, and I shivered.
Finally, I was a few steps from the kitchen. I took a deep breath and walked in. My eyes immediately went to the kitchen table. There she was.

She wasn't facing me, but I knew it was her. Her image flickered. Her black hair reached the ground, and her white dress was beyond repair with its dirt, blood, and scorch marks covering it. The ropes that restrained her looked old and demonic. She started to turn and I braced myself for what I already knew was there.

I sucked in a breath once she was completely facing me. Her face looked as if it were once beautiful. I could still see that she once had pale skin, sunken cheeks, and deep set eyes. But all of her features were hard to make out now. Her face was burned and scarred as if she had been tortured. I knew why she was tortured. She was a witch.

Ghouls In The Sewer

"No, guys I am serious. There have been six disappearances in the last two weeks. All of them fit the same description: pretty, blonde, and in their late teens." Aaron exclaimed.

Chaz looked at his friend, Jake who was also in the room, "Sounds like my kind of girl." he chuckled.

Aaron looked like he was on the verge of hitting Chaz over the head with his computer. He scrolled through the website then jumped so suddenly that Jake spilled his beer all over himself.

"Dude!"Jake yelled. "My mom is going to smell this and kill me, what the hell?"

Aaron looked at him halfheartedly, "Sorry man, but guess what?" he asked. When no one responded, he continued,"They say that they are being taken by someone,"he paused dramatically, "or something down into the sewer's." Chaz looked interested now.

I'm Almost There

"Have you ever considered art therapy?"my counselor Shannon said as she flipped through my sketch book, "You are very talented." she said as she looked up and smiled at me. I replied with a grimace, partly because of her high pitched voice, mostly because she was breathing. "Now, Jolene." she started as she handed my sketch book back to me. "Tell me how you are feeling. I believe I am right in saying that you are having some trouble with your mothers's death." Shannon continued.

I sat forward and looked her in the eye. "Are you as stupid as you look? Am I having trouble with my mother's death? That is like asking someone if they can live without a heart beat. I can't sleep, I can't eat, hell, I can hardly even speak to anyone anymore. When I try to sleep, all I see is my mother's death over and over and over. When I eat, I can't help but throw it all up. I am repulsed by the fact that I didn't help her. I can't speak to anyone anymore because something about everybody reminds me of her. I don't even cut myself like a normal depressed person would do. I just imagine all the different ways I could kill myself. So are you happy? I mean, shit, I talked. Can I leave?" I finished.

"I don't think... I need to speak to an adult in authority. Do you have a family member I could call, or...?" Shannon said frantically.

"No. I live by myself. Oh, and I'm leaving now." I said as I flipped her off, and grabbed my leather jacket. I chuckled as I slammed her door on my way out.

Shannon didn't know that I wasn't upset about my mother's death at all, hell, I was ecstatic. Shannon was also unaware that my mother had it coming. Dear old Mother shouldn't have drowned my baby brother in the pool. She was supposed to be there for Jay and I. She deserved all forty two times I stabbed her.

Lie Forever and Never

   Come on sweetheart, when have I ever led you astray? Daniel purred.
   Never, but don't you think this is just one lie too much? I thought back to him.
   Lana, do as you're told. He said, then disappeared from my mind.
  Daniel had always been there for me. When no one wanted to talk to the new girl, or when Daddy shot himself. He didn't ignore me when everyone else did. He had always given me the advice I needed, helped me to get what I wanted, but was what I about to do going to ruin everything? I will admit, I want more attention, but I thought the attention I wanted was positive.

Blood On The Wall

"Why have you done this to me?" Shae screamed to the sky. She had always believed there was someone up there listening to her. She wasn't so sure anymore.
She was laying in the grass at the park. No one knew where she was; It was his fault that she was here. He was with Kaila. He cheated. She thought he loved her.
Who knew you could be so wrong about someone, and love them still after they did what they did?
Shae would just ignore her emotions now, stuff them away somewhere safe, and forget. It was time to move on.